Sale Option:

If you are looking for a quick sale we are able to purchase your car at a fair value. We buy a very wide range of vehicles priced from $2,000 – $350,000+.
The process is quick and easy and in most cases we can offer cash purchase on the same day.

Consignment Option:

For most vehicles we are able to offer a Consignment Agreement.

We are glad to display your car inside our showroom while we advertise and handle all of the enquiry.

Our program will get your vehicle maximum exposure, not only in Sydney, but nationally.

This allows you to take advantage of our high-profile internet marketing, extensive customer base, exclusive facility and expertise.

Your vehicle will be professionally detailed and photographed. Our marketing team will customise a specific plan to promote your vehicle based on current market conditions. The vehicle is placed for sale on our website, through our email database and all major vehicle advertising sites in Australia including:

  • Car sales, Cars Guide, Drive, EBay Motors, JustCars, Gumtree, Trading Post as well as some other smaller unique advertising sites.
  • We are able to offer potential customers financing options, trade in options, transportation and the comfort of dealing with an established dealership.
  • Any potential buyer is offered countless photos, video, detailed descriptions and the option of independent inspections.
  • Your vehicle is displayed and safely stored in doors in our alarmed facility and will be kept clean and well-presented by our staff.

How Does Consignment Work?

  • Appointment is made either on the phone or in person to discuss and tailor a package that suits you.
  • You set a price that would like back for the vehicle. (within reason of current market value). This will be discussed with you and recommendations are made based on the current market, the type of vehicle and your time frame to sell with realistic expectations.
  • We calculate any costs to sell the vehicle and add a small margin to your set price. (All figures are disclosed to you upfront)
  • A Consignment Agreement is generated and signed.
  • The vehicle is prepared for sale and advertised.
  • You will receive reports on the amount of interest received, enquiry received and feedback from potential buyers.
  • We will also contact you with any reasonable offers from potential buyers that don’t meet your set price allowing you to make a decision to accept or decline the offer.
  • Once the vehicle is sold funds are transferred to your nominated bank account with 7 business days.


Generally you will only be charged for detailing, any small repairs required and advertising. (All costs are disclosed in the consignment agreement before we take possession of the vehicle)
We do not charge any consignment fee unless we sell the vehicle.

Detailing will range from $100-$300 depending on the vehicle and adverting is $150 p/m. If the vehicle is sold then these expenses will be added to cost of selling the vehicle not deducted from your set price.

You will only need to pay these costs if you cancel the consignment and pick up the vehicle before it is sold.


Is Consignment only for high end or exotic vehicles?

No. We will consider consignment on any vehicle.

If we believe we will not be able to have successful outcome with your car then we will not accept the vehicle on consignment. Is the vehicle covered by insurance?

Yes, while the vehicle is in our possession the vehicle is covered by the dealership insurance ($5 Million) Will clients be test driving my car?

This is decided on a case by case basis with the owner of the vehicle. It will also depend on the vehicle.

Exotic / High Performance Consignment Vehicles:

Our general policy is that we do not allow test drives of exotic vehicles under consignment without the permission of the owner. Our sales staff are trained to qualify any potential buyers for an exotic vehicle to ensure that customers are genuine.  90% of customers who purchase an exotic vehicle do not request to test drive the vehicle anyway.

If a customer does test drive the vehicle they are required to already have a pre-approval on finance and/or leave a deposit of $5-10k to cover an insurance excess. Our staff members are always present on any test drive.

You would have the option of either,

•  Test Drives allowed with our guidelines. (See Above)
•  Staff/ Manager Test Drives Only (Only certain staff or the manager is allowed to drive the vehicle )
•  No test drive policy. (Usually only put in place and recommended on very expensive or rare vehicles)

Non Exotic / General Consignment Vehicles:

Unlike exotic vehicles 90% of customers that purchase a non-exotic will request a test drive and will generally not commit to a purchase until that have been for a test drive. For this reason will recommend allowing test drives. Our staff will still qualify any potential buyers to make sure that people are not just joy riding and one of our staff  members is always present on any test drive.
You would have the option of either,

•   Test Drives allowed with our guidelines. (See Above)
•   Staff/ Manager Test Drives Only (Only certain staff or the manager is allowed to drive the vehicle on the test drive)